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Writing on the Web? I like it.

But, at first, I didn’t. And I really didn’t like publishing my writing on a blog. I felt so exposed.

I think my biggest problem was that writing on the web was such a departure from the stuff I would turn in for an English class. It is hard unlearning what took me years to grasp and get somewhat decent at. Sure, grammar and style are important on the web, but a web writer can more easily bend those rules. AND USE EMOTICONS:)

So, why do I like web writing?

Reason #1: Writing on the web creates that community that I liked so much in my English classes. With posts and comments, I can easily discuss an issue from a book or class in a convenient way. The more I participate, the more I enjoy the class. I am not a full-time student, but posting and commenting take me back to my undergrad days on campus where it was easy to talk about books, classes, or politics.

Reason #2: It is so easy!!! (I would NEVER use three exclamation points in an academic paper, by the way.) Hyperlinks? Yay! I can zip from post to article or news story in seconds.

Reason #3: Blogging forces me into a more creative thought process. When I post, I need to think about images, fonts, font sizes, and all kinds of graphic design issues. While I find this occasionally annoying, like when I can’t find right image, I find the process engaging. And when I get a comment about someone else liking it, it is not so different from seeing a big fat A on a paper. Who doesn’t like that?

I haven’t really blogged outside of class, and I try to avoid controversial status updates on Facebook because I don’t enjoy the negative debates. I am also mindful that I don’t want students I teach to know too much about me. Fortunately, my experiences writing on the web have been positive. And I plan to keep it that way:)


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2 thoughts on “Writing on the Web? I like it.

  1. Nicely said–this was largely my experience, too. And now I love it, too. Not sure I’d ever not do it…

  2. I was very uncomfortable with blogging at first but am loving it now. I really like your reason three. I have had to get very creative (something I don’t do very much) with blogging.

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