Don't Know Dickens

Charles Dickens, that is.

Dickens Quickfire

There seems to be two realities in Our Mutual Friend: Wilfer remarks, “What might have been is not what is!” People’s fates seem to change without warning, and there is little they can do about it. Bella, for instance, loses her opportunity to rise in society when Harmon dies. She might have been rich, but now she’s not. The Boffins have the opposite story, and everyone seems to want a piece of their good fortune.

And what is? I feel like people have ulterior motives, and I am uncertain of whom I can trust. (That his characters also get duped makes me feel slightly better). His readers must have had some great gossip sessions and interesting theories.


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4 thoughts on “Dickens Quickfire

  1. Good ideas here. I think part of the reason Dickens leaves these kinds of questions is to keep us reading and in suspense 🙂

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  4. I often feel duped myself and it’s nice to know someone else falls into Dickens’ nicely constructed traps.

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