Don't Know Dickens

Charles Dickens, that is.

A Little Surprised

Last week, I was so confused between Our Mutual Friend  and The Mystery of Edwin Drood, and I can’t say I was eager to read more. It’s not that I didn’t like the writing (I was actually impressed with the level of detail in the descriptions), but it was so much to take in–characters, odd names, strange events, etc.

But then I got into Edwin Drood, and I hated that it ends with me hanging. Worse: my iPad indicated that there were 451 pages, but the story stopped on 439!

Maybe Our Mutual Friend will grab me in (if I cheat and read ahead)…it is pretty clear that I like to read in one go.


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One thought on “A Little Surprised

  1. It is hard to keep everything in order. The characters run together and plotlines even start to merge. Can you imagine reading Drood in serial and waiting all that time for it to just stop! ?!? Talk about frustrating!

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