Don't Know Dickens

Charles Dickens, that is.

Celebrating Dickens

It was an entire day of Dickens, which was exciting and a little surprising. People were talking about Dickens on the internet, the radio, and even at my school.

Before I left for school, I tweeted a quick birthday message and viewed a video recommended by Twitter about Charles Dickens.

Although the video is not long (under five minutes), I enjoyed the glimpses of Dickens’ England. Most of the information mentioned is general biographical info accompanied with images of London–new and old. Nevertheless, there is something about seeing where he lived and worked to make his story compelling. How would working in a factory at a young age affect how you see the world? What does living in rat-infested buildings do to a person? Such real experiences in life had to have benefited him as a writer.


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One thought on “Celebrating Dickens

  1. This was a really endearing video. Getting real life glimpses into Dickens life gives a bit of insight into his writing!

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