Don't Know Dickens

Charles Dickens, that is.


Money, Money, Money

I’m back into the book (but I wish I had written this three days ago because I’m forgetting things again). I thought a couple of weeks ago that things were starting to drag, but I can see things coming back together in an interesting way. The crazy part is that I can’t decide which story lines are more interesting than others–it keeps changing. Soap opera-esque, no doubt.

For instance, in the earlier chapters, I felt so sorry for the Lammles, and I was rooting for their revenge. Now? Hate ’em. They are terrible people, and I hope they suffer more. [This might also be a result of my accidentally skipping ahead 400 pages on my iPad without realizing it–but I won’t spoil anything.] Their pretense of wealth is disgusting; for example, they search for a “non-existent Lammle structure,” which is also referred to as a palatial residence. Again, at first, I did not mind their subterfuge, but Dickens makes it hard to understand their motivations by this part of the novel.

Maybe Bella’s story line offers too much of a contrast. She shirks wealth and its trappings. She even offers to help her mother cook–what a change! And it seems so sincere.

 I have money always in my thoughts and my desires. –Bella

Who doesn’t in this book? I feel that I may have judge her to harshly at the opening of the novel. She sees how wealth has corrupted Boffin and she seems to suspect the Lammles, too.

The Like List

Jenny Wren




Don’t Like

The Lammles

The Boffins (although I might move the wife to the “Like List”)


Not Sure

Silas Wegg

Mr. Riah

Mr. Riderhood

I’m still fascinated with the mounds, and I can’t visualize them. I’m reading OMF first this week, and I’m sure I will need to reread this book at some point. I’m missing/forgetting too much, and it seems that the plots are starting to converge.

One another mention: I really enjoyed the chapter titles!


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One thought on “OMF!

  1. Hillary fowler on said:

    I agree the book is making more interesting strides. I hate the lammles too, but I also read ahead too (woops!).

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